Save money on motoring in 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It’s no secret that motoring is expensive and it is still somewhat more of a luxury than a necessity for a lot of people. Express estimate that on average a motorist will spend over £9000 just on parking in their lifetime.

The cost of motoring is not going to get any better in 2018. Although we can’t wave our wand and make repairs and petrol cheaper for you, we can offer some sturdy tips to help you save money this year by changing a few ways you treat your car and driving skills. Read on to find out how!

Have a regular service to avoid costly repairs

Although servicing your car is not a legal requirement, there are copious reasons why it is a very good, and safe, idea to do so on an annual basis. Many drivers all over the UK are put off getting regular services by the price or by thinking they don’t need one.

However, what many don’t realise is that servicing your car can identify potential problems before they become real ones. This could include problems that you wouldn’t have even found yourself until it’s too late, usually the cost of these small repairs are only a fraction of what they could have been if left too long.

Not only will a service identify problems early, but it will also fix up your car making it more road worthy, thus making you less likely to be in an accident due to a faulty car part and ensuring you pass your MOT.

Keep your tyres inflated properly.

How often do you check your tyre pressure? Did you know that by keeping your tyres at the right pressure (will vary from car to car), then you could save 3.3% on mileage?

Both over inflated and under inflated tyres could both be costing you more money than you need to spend.

If you are driving around with underinflated tyres, you will be getting significantly fewer miles to the gallon and you will be wearing your tyres down much quicker. In turn, you’ll have to replace them much sooner.

If you’re driving around with over inflated tyres, your tyres are having significantly less contact with the road surface which will affect both your braking distance and the life of your tyres. Both dangerous and costly.

For tips on how to further protect your tyres to help them last longer, take a look here.

Hunt out cheap fuel

Do you pay for premium fuel? Depending on the type of car you have and how you drive it, most drivers will tell you that there is little to no difference and the additional money is just not worth it. The likelihood is that you are unlikely to notice a difference between the two so save money by using the standard petrol or diesel.

Another reason drivers often pay above the odds for their fuel is filling up at motorway service stations, a study carried out drivers can save up to £10.25 a tank on fuel by heading to a supermarket instead; fill up before a long journey and save money.

Take an advanced driving course

You are never too ‘old’ or ‘experienced’ to pick up new driving skills and further your driving training. In fact, it is recommended to do so to keep up with current driving rules.

Taking an advanced driving course can help you save money in two ways. The first one is by saving you money on your insurance. Although we can’t talk for all insurers, most will offer discounts for additional driving training.

The second way is by driving more economically. By improving your overall driving, you will naturally drive more economically and save some fuel and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Travel Light

Carrying heavy goods in your car can cause your fuel consumption to increase by 2%. Whilst this percentage depends on the size of your car and the weight of your goods, it undoubtedly works out cheaper to keep your vehicle light.

A common example of this is that many people travel around with an empty roof rack or top box when they aren’t using it. Not only does it add extra weight but it causes extra ‘drag’ that results a higher fuel consumption.

Get your motor checked

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